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About West Lake Improvement Association

A little bit about what we do.

West Lake Improvement Association is a property owners association. The 11-person board is elected from and by West Lake property owners in good standing. The board meets each month to conduct the association’s business, discuss current issues, and make plans for the future.

Fourth of July 2021

Benefits of being a member

Once you become a property owner, we invite you to join the West Lake Improvement Association! 

What comes with your membership?

●  Ensured long-term quality of West Lake

●  A contribution to the betterment of West Lake property values

●  Proactive evaluation and treatment of our lake waters

●  A positive social environment with West Lake property owners

●  Regularly provided information on important West Lake news 

Annual Dues

Membership dues enable the Association to maintain the quality of the lake and make living on West Lake a joyful experience. We manage things that benefit all riparians such as weed control and lake treatments, social events, community service projects, city relations, and more. Paid members also receive new boat flags (first come first serve).


Annual membership dues are $35/year and the annual fee is billed in January every year.  The $5 increase, the first increase in many years, will help combat rising costs that the association faces.  New members may join the association any time of the year. The West Lake Improvement Association is involved in many activities to help maintain the quality of the lake now and in the future. Please do your part by joining us and paying your membership dues!

Where to pay:

Membership dues can be paid using cash or check.

Please make checks out to West Lake Improvement Association.

Dues should be mailed to or dropped off at 1220 Forest Drive Portage, MI 49002.

Your board and what we do for you

Peter Strazdas


Patrick Duggan

Vice President/City Liaison

(269) 267-8292

Nick O'Brien


Linda Todd


Stephen Hessen

Legal Consultant

Mary Zoeller

Membership Committee

Mike Osgood

Social Committee Chair

Mary Lager

City Liaison/Newsletter

Adam Edlefson

Web Site Administrator/

Social Committee

Ashley Grubka

Facebook Administrator/Social Committee

Larry Lutz

Email Administrator

Lake Information

West Lake is a peaceful, relaxing lake community with an abundance of featured amenities and events all year long.


Mission Statement

•  Ensure the long-term quality of West Lake

•  Manage the relationship with Restorative Lake Services and improve the quality of the lake through proactive evaluation and treatment.

•  Maintain a positive social environment

•  Provide social activities through ongoing communication to riparians through avenues such as the website, Facebook, newsletters, and other activities.

•  Contribute to long-term property values

•  Provide for the betterment of West Lake through supporting points one and two.

Association Newsletters

In addition to our email distribution and Facebook page, we distribute a newsletter periodically throughout the year. Check out our latest newsletter below!